My 3D objects are bundles of emotions, a symbiosis of computer animated characters, silicone, plastic toys and nature. Abstract creatures generated by the human mind formed in the era of internet, television, countless gadgets, posts in social accounts, 'likes', news feeds, accounts and other manifestations of contemporary reality.

Nature is very important for me – its rhythm, forms and plastic. I combine it with the plastic and rhythm of metropolis streets with its traffic, advertising spam, stress, the race for the attention and thirst to sink in multifarious entertainments.

In fact my objects are civilization mutants. Despite its simplicity, they are a high-tech 3D objects created in a virtual 3D space programs and materialized into reality with the help of 3D printers, 3D milling, machine manufacturing process. At the same time for me it is really important to save the life itself and a live emotion in the form, in spite of the technological process of creating a sculpture.

These creatures are some kind of meditation on the possibility of saving live soul in the technological computerized environment. The opportunity to stay a life-being, not bio robot in nowadays world.
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